Posted on: October 13, 2017

Council Highlights - October 10, 2017

October 13, 2017

Special Council Meeting


Water Rate Changes

Council provided decisions regarding water rates for users of the City’s water systems. With new water treatment infrastructure being built soon, including the new Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant to be constructed in 2018-19, new water rates are required to pay for the capital and operating costs. Currently there are five water systems in West Kelowna: Westbank, Lakeview, Sunnyside, Pritchard and West Kelowna Estates. Westbank is served by the Powers Creek Water Treatment Plant. All other systems are currently treated with chlorine only; but, once the new plant and interconnections are built, Lakeview, Sunnyside, Pritchard and West Kelowna Systems will be served by the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant. Although the City received a $40 million grant to build the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant the City will be required to contribute $17 million towards the construction of the plant and the interconnections. The Water Utility Master Plan indicates that improvements are needed for fire protection in the Westbank System which will require $7 million in upgrades. Council made the following decisions:

  • To establish identical rates for all water systems; however, until the new treatment plant and interconnections are completed, rates will be increased gradually to both systems until they are equal in 2021. Until the Rose Valley Plant becomes operational, and high quality water is provided, the rate will be lower than for the users of the Powers Creek Plant which already provides high quality water. By 2021, when the new plant is operational and all West Kelowna residents receive the same quality of water, all rates will be the same.
  • To consolidate Lakeview, Sunnyside and West Kelowna Estates bylaws into one service area while keeping Westbank and Pritchard separated, but keeping one rate structure.
  • To name the entire system (all five systems) the West Kelowna Water System once one rate is established by 2021.
  • To keep the current tiered rate structure in place.

Council will be presented with further decision points at an upcoming meeting.

Regular Council Meeting


Business Licences Cancelled

Council agreed to cancel the business licences for two companies operating in West Kelowna as they were considered to be engaging in the illegal sale of marijuana.

Sustainable Transportation Partnership of the Okanagan

Council agreed to ask for an extension to the November 1 deadline to give notice to withdraw from the Sustainable Transportation Partnership of the Okanagan (STPCO). STPCO was created in 2013 to establish a unified, regional voice to work with provincial government bodies on transportation-related issues including the transit service in the partner communities of Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, Regional District of Central Okanagan and Westbank First Nation. A review of STPCO’s effectiveness is underway and West Kelowna Councillors agreed the November 1 withdraw date does not allow the results of the study to be presented prior to the requirement for notice date.

Olalla Road Development

Council gave first reading to an Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw and Zoning Amendment Bylaw for 2750 and 2708 Olalla Road. The larger of the two parcels is the former site of the Lakeview Heights Elementary School. The two parcels are located next to the Lakeview Village re-development project, the developer of which is the same that is proposing this new development. Together, the developments envision a mixed-use neighbourhood centre with a unique character and sense of place. The intent of the application is to permit a multiple family development, including a seniors-oriented independent living component. The conceptual density is approximately 260 units spread over five buildings that range in height from two storeys (in areas adjacent to agricultural land and existing single family parcels) to six storeys. The developer has expressed interest in developing the Fire Hall No. 32 parcel as part of the overall concept, so the City-owned property has been included in the bylaw amendment. The developer is responsible for all application costs and there is no commitment to sell the property. The inclusion of the Fire Hall property in the rezoning proposal keeps open various options and, at the same time, increases the development potential (and land value) of the property in the event that the City decides to sell in the future. The City is currently completing a Fire Services Review that is the first step to further consideration of any options. The developer is also interested in the potential to develop a new Fire Hall as part of the project and is currently looking at ways to assist the City with funding the construction.

Vineyard Estates Phases 5 to 7

Council adopted Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaws for the final phases of the Vineyard Estates neighbourhood development in South Boucherie. Council also directed that the Parks and Public Spaces Bylaw be amended to allow the continuation of bitter root harvesting in Mt. Boucherie Park as requested by Westbank First Nation. The intended development will include 171 single family lots and 28 duplexes for the 52 hectare property close to Pinot Noir Drive, Vineyard View Drive and Vineyard Drive.

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