Dog Control and Licensing

Available Services

The Regional District of Central Okanagan operates dog control and licensing services on behalf of:

  • City of West Kelowna; and,
  • City of Kelowna
  • District of Lake Country
  • District of Peachland; and, 
  • Central Okanagan Electoral Areas on the east and west sides of the lake
Please visit the Regional District of Central Okangan's website for complete information filing complaints, licensing dogs and obtaining resources and rewards for pet owners:

You may also choose from a list of specific services offered by visiting the following websites:

About the Program

Most dog owners are well meaning, responsible neighbours who ensure their pets are happy, healthy, licensed, trained and well behaved. They keep pets on leashes in public, pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of the waste. When owners care for their pets, hold other owners to a high standard of care and abide by local regulations, the frequency and severity of dog problems decrease resulting in less need for enforcement.

Central Okanagan Dog Control Services are provided to assist in cases where dogs accidentally get loose, dog owners are having difficulties in caring for and controlling their pets and, in rare cases, someone is abusive, negligent or continually irresponsible.