Tour the Wine Trail

The Westside Wine Trail features some of the Okanagan Valley’s very best winemakers. Tastings are complemented by lake views, exquisite dining, art exhibitions, live music and more along this picturesque trail. Nearly a dozen vineyards on the route are only minutes apart and open year-round making for a remarkable tour experience.  

The vineyards here have a rich history - premium quality grapes and lush growing conditions have led to many award-winning selections. West Kelowna realizes the unique experience it has to offer and is committed to working with its wineries to support their growth and development. 

The Westside Wine Trail Association focuses on the promotion and advancement of the wine country experience in the community. Increasing visitation to the area’s wineries not only benefits winemakers but supports tourism and local businesses as visitors explore all that West Kelowna has to offer. Residents are also encouraged to sip and savour along the trail as each trip is filled with new flavours and experiences. Furthermore, the wineries along the trail hold events several times a year to celebrate wine culture and promote wine education.

Get Connected

The Westside Wine Trail maintains its own website where you can find out more about events and the wineries. 

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If you're interested in being part of the Westside Wine Trail please contact them to find out more about the process:

Salina Petschulat Curtis
Association Coordinator
Westside Wine Trail | West Kelowna Vintners Association