Westbank System

Powers Creek Watershed

Powers Creek Watershed is the predominant supply for the Westbank System. The watershed includes 6 upland reservoirs:

  • Dobbin Lake
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Jackpine Lake
  • Lambly Lake
  • Paynter Lake
  • Tadpole Lake
Turbidity-Westbank-Good-CWK Image
Some water is also diverted to the storage reservoirs from a tiny portion of the Lambly Creek and Nicola River Watersheds.

All water sources are diverted into Powers Creek and then to an intake that eventually carries water into a modern treatment facility located near the Smith Creek subdivision.

Who Does the System Serve?

The Westbank System supplies irrigation to 385 hectares of farmland and more than 4,350 residential, commercial and industrial connections and a population of approximately 13,000. Annually, these users consume 5,300 mega litres of water, with 70% of the volume meeting residential, commercial and industrial needs and the other 30% meeting agricultural demands.