Water Quality

Annual Reports

Annual water quality reports are published by the summer of the following year:
Monthly water quality reports are available by request through the municipal offices by calling 778-797-8840.

Drinking Water Requirements

All water suppliers are required by Interior Health to provide long term plans to reach the following goals:
  • 4 log (99.9%) inactivation of viruses
  • 3 log (99.9%) removal or inactivation of giardia, lamblia and cryptosporidium
  • 2 treatment processes for all surface drinking water systems
  • Less than 1 NTU of turbidity with a target of 0.1 NTU
  • 0 total and fecal coliforms and E. Coli

Operation & Distribution Conditions

The Medical Health Officer for the Interior Health Authority, in consultation with many of the larger water utilities in the southwest BC Interior, developed 10 conditions that all water utilities within the region with more than 300 connections must meet in the operation and distribution of the public water supply:
  • Provide a certified operator to operate the system
  • Operate according to your Water Quality Sampling Program
  • Provide continuous online turbidity monitoring well water for each surface source
  • Provide continuous online monitoring of the water disinfection process
  • Operate according to your Cross-Connection Control Program
  • Review the Emergency Response Plan annually
  • Update the Emergency Response Plan annually
  • Provide long-term plans for source, treatment and distribution system improvements
  • Report monitoring results
  • Provide an annual summary of monitoring results

Permit to Operate

Under the Safe Drinking Water Regulation of the Health Act and the new Drinking Water Protection Regulation of the Drinking Water Protection Act, all public water utilities are required to obtain a Permit to Operate from the local health authority. The regulations also allow health officials to place conditions on this operating permit that the utility must meet.