Estimate Your Bill

Calculate your bill based on the amount of water you've consumed, or estimate you've used. A good average is 150 cubic meters (m3;1m3=1000L). Consumption will likely be lower from January to March, and higher in the July to September quarter. The flat rate always applies, even if use is 0.0. The flat rate covers operations, maintenance, debt repayment and improvement costs.

The calculator is designed to estimate single-family residential bills. For questions about commercial, institutional, secondary suites and multifamily/strata charges, or if a discrepancy exists between the calculator and your single-family residential bill, please call us at 778-797-8850.

Powers Creek (formerly Westbank/WID) accounts begin with 450; all other three digit prefixes apply to Rose Valley (formerly Lakeview/LID, Pritchard, Sunnyside and West Kelowna Estates.