Service Areas

  • Lakeview
    • Serving Boucherie Centre, Lakeview Heights, Rose Valley Estates, Shannon Lake and West Kelowna Business Park
  • Pritchard
    • Serving the Pritchard Drive neighbourhood
  • Sunnyside
    • Serving Green Bay, Sunnyside and South Boucherie
  • Westbank
    • Serving Gellatly Bay, Glenrosa (except for some higher elevation areas of Upper Glenrosa), Smith Creek and Westbank
  • West Kelowna Estates
    • Serving the West Kelowna Estates neighbourhood
Independent Water Systems

In addition, a handful of scattered independent systems exist throughout the municipality. The City of West Kelowna neither bills nor manages independent systems. To best determine what service area you are in, check your latest quarterly water utility bill, or call Engineering at 778-797-8840 or Utility Billing at 778-797-8850.

Okanagan Lake View - CWK Image - Contributed
City of West Kelowna's Water Sources

The City of West Kelowna's five service areas draw from varied sources.

Lakeview has rights to draw water mainly from creeks and reservoir lakes in the Lambly (Bear) Creek watershed, while Westbank has permissions to draw predominantly from Powers Creek and the reservoir lakes in its watershed.

A connection exists between Lakeview and Westbank, allowing water to be transferred in emergency situations. Ultimately, both these systems feed into the third source, Okanagan Lake, from which the Pritchard, Sunnyside and West Kelowna Estates systems draw water.