Street Sweeping

Starts Early to Mid March

Once all snow and ice has melted from road shoulders and curbs, the sweeping program begins. Generally, lower lying areas are completed first, starting in March, as weather permits, since higher elevation neighbourhoods can still receive snow in late winter, early spring. Maintenance sweeps are then conducted throughout spring and summer as needed.

Initial spring street sweeping of the municipality's 261 kilometre road network takes about six to eight weeks, depending on weather.

Street Sweeper in Glenrosa - CWK Image
How It Works

The City of West Kelowna will post signs in neighbourhoods in advance of street sweeping, reminding residents to remove parked cars from streets. Please park off street during these times so sweepers can effectively clean the road; street sweepers may not return to a street for several weeks, as crews continue to clear the remainder of the vast road network.

Debris will accumulate in the sweeper's collector as streets are cleaned. This debris must be routinely deposited. The City pre-selects temporary sites where the deposit will be unobtrusive and keep the cleaning process moving efficiently. Debris piles will be removed as soon as sweeping work is completed in each neighbourhood.

The City of West Kelowna does not clean strata streets; please contact your strata council or management company for information on sweeping in your complex.

Contracted Sweeping

The City of West Kelowna hires a contractor to conduct the initial six to eight week street sweeping program in the following areas, and in the following order:

  1. Westbank Centre
  2. Casa Loma/Lakeview
  3. Sunnyside/Green Bay/Pritchard
  4. Gellatly
  5. Mission Hill
  6. Boucherie
  7. Smith Creek/Shannon Lake (Lower Areas)
  8. Industrial Park
  9. Rose Valley
  10. West Kelowna Estates
  11. Smith Creek/Shannon Lake (Upper Areas)
  12. Glenrosa
  13. Upper Glenrosa/Bear Creek

City of West Kelowna Sweeping

Street sweeps in Westbank Centre, school zones, civic facility parking lots and sidewalks are conducted by City of West Kelowna crews and equipment beginning in early April, weather permitting.

After the initial sweeping program is completed, City of West Kelowna crews and equipment conduct maintenance sweeps throughout the municipality, in the remaining spring months and throughout the summer.

Citizen Participation

Residents are encouraged to sweep all debris that may be on the sidewalk that borders their lots before the roads are cleaned by the street sweepers. Your cooperation in removing all vehicles from the street to enable the sweepers to clean the entire road is greatly appreciated. By doing this we can avoid having those annoying missed spots in your neighbourhood.