Roads, Sidewalks and Streetlights

Core Winter and Summer Maintenance

AEL is under contract to provide the following core roads maintenance services for West Kelowna:

  • Bridge cleaning and bridge deck, piling and railing maintenance
  • Debris, graffiti and litter removal within the road network
  • Drainage maintenance
    • Culverts, ditches and piped storm sewer systems
  • Summer maintenance
    • Asphalt and gravel surface maintenance (patching and pothole repair)
    • Guardrail and barrier maintenance
    • Road shoulder maintenance
  • Winter maintenance
    • Sanding and salting
    • Snow removal and ice control
Strata Complexes, Private Parking Lots, etc.

Private landowners are responsible for the maintenance of parking lots, road access, etc. on their own property. This includes malls and strata complexes. Please check with your landlord, property management company or strata council for more information.

Street Sweeping

West Kelowna conducts street sweeping throughout the city. During the busier months in the spring, a contractor is hired due to heavier volumes of debris on the road. With more equipment on the road, street sweeping can be completed in a timelier fashion. This enables West Kelowna crews to then return to routine street sweeping maintenance levels, usually by mid Spring, barring any unusual weather occurrences.

Other Roads Maintenance

The City of West Kelowna is responsible for the following additional services:

  • Annual road rehabilitation and pedestrian improvement programs
  • Sidewalk and walkway maintenance in the vicinity of municipal properties
  • Street lights (under contract)
  • Traffic calming
  • Transportation planning
  • Weed control

Highways Maintenance

The City of West Kelowna is not responsible for the maintenance of Highway 97, Highway 97C, Westside Road or streets on Westbank First Nation or the rural areas outside the city boundary (e.g. Crystal Mountain, Trader's Cove and Trepanier). These areas are covered by different providers, typically under a Province of British Columbia contract with a private service provider.