Parks and Public Works

  1. Cemetery

    Information on columbaria, mausoleums, interment plots and West Kelowna's ongoing efforts to upgrade the Westbank Cemetery.

  2. Drainage (Storm Sewers)

    Information on West Kelowna's plans and actions for controlling runoff surface water.

  3. Parks and Trails

    A list of the 130 beaches; parks and open spaces; sports fields; tennis, pickle ball and volleyball courts; and walkways in the City of West Kelowna.

  4. Sanitary Sewers

    Information on the operation and maintenance of the local sanitary sewage collection system in the City of West Kelowna.

  5. Waste Management

    Garbage is collected weekly on the collection date provided in the Living Greener Calendar. Recycling and yard waste are collected on an alternating, biweekly basis. Yard waste is collected March 1 to November 30.

  6. Water

    The proper management of water has led to abundant prosperity and high quality of life in the Okanagan Valley; we must continue to collectively make efforts to manage this precious resource to ensure its availability for many generations to come.

  7. Watering Regulations

    The City of West Kelowna is committed to water conservation and is a partner in the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB).