Payment Options

Pay your taxes on-line, in person, by mail, or through telephone banking.  The City of West Kelowna does not accept credit card payments; however we do accept cheques from credit card companies.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The City of West Kelowna will accept:
  • Cash
  • Cheques (current, post-dated and certified)
  • Debit cards - please verify your daily withdrawal limit with your financial institution if paying by debit (Interac) as this may result in delays or rejected property tax payments.
  • Money orders
For non-cash payments, City Hall also has an outside drop box located adjacent to the main entrance for after hours use.
Property Tax Prepayment Plan

Taxpayers may make occasional or scheduled tax prepayments (example: post dated cheques, on-line banking or telephone banking payments) for next year's taxes at any time before the current tax notices are mailed. The City will pay the same interest as on West Kelowna’s Property Tax Prepayment Plan.

Pay Via Bank / Credit Union

You may pay through your financial institution on-line or in person.  Please note that not all banks will accept the Home Owner Grant.  Follow up with your financial institution to find out what services they will provide.  Financial institutions do not accept post-dated cheques.

Pay In Person

If paying in person at your financial institution, remember to take the entire remittance portion of the original tax notice (not a photocopy or reprint) with you.  This remittance portion may be forwarded to the City of West Kelowna by the banks/credit unions on your behalf but check with your financial institution whether they will provide that service or not.  If not be sure to forward your grant application to City Hall before the tax due date.

Pay By Phone

Financial institutions will also allow for the telephone payment of the City of West Kelowna’s Property Taxes; call your financial institution to determine if this option is available to you.

On-line Payments

When paying taxes by telephone or on-line, you must remember to mail, email, fax, or
 claim your Provincial HOG application on-line separately.

This will ensure the HOG application is received by the City of West Kelowna.  This application should reach us before the tax due date to ensure that a penalty will not be incurred on the grant amount.

Do not mail the HOG application to your financial institution.

When paying on-line or by telephone banking, ensure that you are paying West Kelowna Taxes, not West Kelowna Utilities.