Permissive Tax Exemption

A permissive tax exemption is available for qualifying West Kelowna based, registered not-for-profit organizations using property for municipal, recreational, religious, cultural or charitable purposes.

To learn more about the guidelines and what organizations can apply for an exemption, please read the West Kelowna’s Permissive Tax Exemption Policy.

The deadline for applications and renewals for 2017 permissive tax exemptions is August 19, 2016.
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Application Forms
Not-for-Profit Organizations:
Not-for-profit organizations must complete a Not-for-Profit Comprehensive Application every five years.
If the application is approved the organization will be required to submit a "Not-for-Profit Renewal Application" on each anniversary until the 5 year cycle is completed.  
The renewal application is confirmation that ownership and use of property has not changed and will be reviewed and approved before a permissive tax exemption is granted for the following year.

Places of Worship, Private Schools and Hospitals

Places of worship, private schools and hospitals are required to complete the "Churches, Private Schools, and Hospitals Application" every five years.

The City of West Kelowna will administer these applications on a five year cycle. If the application is approved the organization will be exempt for the number of years remaining in the cycle.

Five Year Cycle

At the end of the 5 year cycle all organizations must complete an application for the next 5 years. It is the organization’s responsibility to notify the City of West Kelowna of any changes in property ownership and/or use of the property.

Application Period No. of Years Exempt Application Due Date
2017 - 2018 2 Years August 19, 2016
2018 1 Year August 18, 2017
2019 - 2023 5 Years August 17, 2018