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The City of West Kelowna provides GIS data for public download. In many cases users may require the data in a spatial format for use in various applications.  Currently we provide our vector data (points, lines and polygons) in ESRI shapefile format and our raster data (imagery) in compressed JPEG file interchange format.  Our data has a map projection of UTM Zone 11N using the NAD83 reference.

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Information Services:     Phone:  778-797-1000

Dataset Description Updated Download
 Address Civic Address Points March 2018
CVCPoints (.zip)
 Cadastre  Tax Parcels March 2018
 Cadastre (.zip)
 Contours  Topographic Contours - 2m (2015) June 2015
2m Contours (.zip)
 Digital Elevation Model break line
June 2015
 Breakline (.zip)
 Digital Elevation Model mass point
June 2015
 Masspoint (.zip)
 LUC Land Use Contracts March 2018
LUCs (.zip)
City of West Kelowna Neighbourhoods
March 2018
Neighbourhoods (.zip)
OCP Future Land Use March 2018
LandUses (.zip)
OCP Rural reserve Area April 2012
RuralReserve (.zip)
OCP Proposed Greenbelts April 2012 Greenbelt (.zip)
 OCP Development Permit Areas April 2012 PermitAreas (.zip)
Orthophotos - Mosaic
Full Mosaic of 2015 CWK Orthophotos in ECW format (3.36 GB)
June 2015 2015 Mosaic (.zip)
Orthophotos - By Tile
Download 2015 CWK Orthophotos by Map Tile (ECW, 1-30MB) using an Index Map (PDF)
June 2015
Download Index Map (PDF)
 Roads Geocoded Roads March 2018
GeoRoads (.zip)
 Zoning Permitted Land Uses March 2018
Zones (.zip)