Home Owner Grants

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The Home Owner Grant (PDF), now called the Northern and Rural Area Home Owner Benefit, is intended to serve as a reduction of the residential school taxes and is available to individuals who are registered owners of the property (state of title certificate, tenant for life under a registered life estate, or registered holder of the last registered agreement for sale).
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The Home Owner Grant (HOG) is not available on properties registered solely in a company's name. The claimant must be the registered owner of the eligible residence and living on the property as their principal residence at the time the application is made.

The maximum basic HOG is $770, whereby the maximum additional HOG is $1,045.

The additional home owner grant is available to persons:
Applicants, who qualify for the basic home owner grant, are required to pay a minimum of $350 before the grant is available, while those applicants who qualify for the additional grant pay a minimum of $100 prior to the grant being available.

There are no provisions for a home owner grant to be prorated between a vendor and purchaser.

Claim Your Grant Online

If you are eligible for the provincial HOG and would like to claim your Home Owner Grant online, go directly to:

  • Online Services
    • enter your roll number - the jurisdiction number 364 will be auto filled, therefore only type in the remaining 8 digits following the 364 and include the decimal; 
    • enter your access code; 
    • complete the Home Owner Grant application and click 'Claim'; 
    • once the confirmation page appears, click 'Cancel' to edit or 'Okay' to continue; and, 
    • once your application has been submitted, make a note of the confirmation number or print a copy for your records by clicking the Print button.

Home Owner Grant Veterans Supplement

This Home Owner Grant Supplement Program is available to qualifying low-income veterans beginning in the 2012 tax year. The veterans supplement is in addition to the regular home owner grant.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria please review the following information sheet:

If you are eligible you will need to complete the following:

Low-Income Grant Supplement

The Low-Income Grant Supplement is a grant provided to eligible low-income individuals with homes assessed above $1,285,000.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria please review the following information sheet:

If you are eligible you will need to complete the following:

​Partitioned Grants

If a grant is reduced or eliminated because of high assessed value, a partitioning of the value can be applied to properties that consist of the principal residence and at least one separate residence. An example is a property with a carriage home or duplex. Suites within the main dwelling do not qualify. An owner would need to complete FIN 91 in order to apply.

Forgot to Claim Last Years Grant?

The deadline to claim a HOG is December 31 of the current year. However you should claim the HOG before the property tax deadline each year to avoid paying a penalty on any grant amount that is not claimed before the payment due date in early July.

After December 31, you have a further year to apply for an extension to claim a retroactive home owner grant.  You must provide a written explanation for missing the deadline; a completed and signed Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application must accompany your letter.

Important: To avoid a penalty, an owner should apply for a grant with the City of West Kelowna prior to the tax due date even if you are not paying taxes that are due at that time or if your financial institution pays the taxes on your behalf.