Neighbourhood Associations

Keeping Connected

Aside from the business and social networking benefits, community, neighbourhood or residents' associations provide people with a forum to gather and discuss current and ongoing issues in a familiar setting. When residents get together to find mutually beneficially solutions to concerns that are common among them, neighbourhoods are made stronger.
After exploring an issue amongst its membership, a neighbourhood association may choose to present the matter to the appropriate organization or agency and present findings or seek solutions. 

Depending on the issue, it may be appropriate to present to one or more organizations including:

  • Central Okanagan Board of Education
  • City of West Kelowna Council
  • Interior Health
  • MLA or MP
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • West Kelowna Fire Rescue, etc.

Common Issues

Common issues discussed during a community association meeting might include: 

  • Crime prevention and crime watch strategies
  • Emergency access, egress and response planning
  • Graffiti, litter or illegal dumping solutions
  • Illegal burning, open burning and nuisance smoke
  • Recurring, nuisance noise or smoke
  • Service delivery quality assurance in areas such as drainage, garbage collection, parks, roads, sewers, sidewalks, street lights and water
  • Soil removal and deposit and blasting concerns
  • Tax affordability
  • Traffic control and calming measures to address matters such as heavy volumes, safe cycling and pedestrian access and speeding, and
  • Unsightly premises

West Kelowna's Neighbourhood Associations

Delegations Before Council

If an individual or a neighbourhood association wishes to discuss a new issue before Council or bring forward new information regarding an issue raised in the past, please fill out a Delegation Request Form.

Contact Us

To learn more about appearing before Council as a delegation or addressing an issue arising out of a neighbourhood association, please contact the Legislative Services Department.