State of Local Emergency
On April 25, 2012, Council declared a State of Local Emergency when McDougall Creek flooded downstream of Old Boucherie Road in the vicinity of Hitchner and Jennens Roads.

The flooding was caused by spring runoff combined with heavy rains. Compounding the problem were the build up of sediment in the creek bed and intense vegetation growth within the creek channel.
McDougall Creek Flooding 2012  - CWK Image
District Response
The District of West Kelowna responded to the flooding event by installing temporary berms and sandbag dikes, which remained in place through the 2013 spring runoff. The berms and dikes prevented further flooding episodes; however, these flood controls were only installed as a temporary solution until permanent measures could be explored and constructed.

In the summer of 2013, the District of West Kelowna hired RSB Engineering to conduct an analysis of the creek in the flood prone area downstream of Old Boucherie Road. Qualified engineering professionals determined that permanent solutions, such as vegetation removal and deepening of the channel, were required to mitigate further McDougall Creek flooding.

Flood Mitigation
On July 29, 2013, Premier Christy Clark, MLA for Westside-Kelowna, announced that the Province of British Columbia would assist the District of West Kelowna in constructing the flood mitigation works through Emergency Management BC, a department of the BC Ministry of Justice. The province committed to fund 2/3 of project costs to a maximum of $340,000.