Wild Horse Park Plan

Interim Development Strategy

Smith Creek residents have requested that Council consider interim development options for Wild Horse Park at the corner of Wild Horse Drive and Ironridge Road.

Council instructed City of West Kelowna staff to consult the community and investigate short term plans to be implemented over the course of the next 10 years and be compatible with future development plans over the longer term.

Wild Horse Park is a 2.62 hectare (6.47 acre), undeveloped site located at the east end of Wild Horse Drive and the north end of Ironridge Road in the Smith Creek neighbourhood. The park consists of open grasslands to the north, rising to a natural forested area in the centre of the site. The southern portion has been cleared and slopes down toward Wild Horse Drive. The property is surrounded by: private properties and future road reserves to the north and east, Wild Horse Drive to the south and a School District 23 owned site, earmarked for possible school development, to the west.

The City of West Kelowna's Parks and Recreation Master Plan Recommendation No. 15 states the park should be developed as a sports field in conjunction with future school construction to the west of the park property.

Since School District 23 had no short term plans to build on the adjacent site and residents in the area had requested Council consider interim park development options, staff was directed to consult the community to investigate short term plans that could be implemented over the course of one to 10 years and which would be compatible with future school development.

The Wild Horse Park Plan process proceeded as follows:

  • Completed site inventory and park assessment - completed
  • Developed communications plan and gathered community input - May 21 through 30, 2014
  • Developed conceptual plan based on community input - Summer 2014
  • Held further community consultation - Summer 2014
  • Refined plan and presented to Council - May 2014