Water Utility Master Plan

Managing Our Systems

Funding for the Water Utility Master Plan was provided by West Kelowna and the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

On October 28, 2014 Council adopted the plan, which provides direction for the maintenance and upgrading of West Kelowna's water system, and its five service areas, over the next 20 or more years. The following PDF documents have been booked mark to help navigate through the plan:

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Infrastructure Improvements in the Master Plan

The cost of water utility upgrades, recommended in the plan, total $152 million, with $77 million proposed to be completed over an initial 20 year time span. A summary of recommended infrastructure improvements can be found in Section 10 of the plan, with more details provided in Appendix I. The improvements are spread among the water system's five service areas:

  • Lakeview
  • Pritchard
  • Sunnyside
  • Westbank
  • West Kelowna Estates

Public Input

The Water Master Plan Steering Committee was created to consult with the community and stakeholders and compile findings:

In summary, the committee recommended:

  • Options in priority order are 2, 4 and 6
  • Update Water Master Plan in 5 years and re-confirm water treatment alternatives
  • Begin implementation in 2014
  • Option selection should not adversely impact agriculture
Current & Future Water Infrastructure Needs

The Water Master Plan Steering Committee met several times to discuss options to meet the municipality’s current and future water infrastructure needs. The committee presented the following input options to the public from September 26 to October 18:

  • Online survey from October 7 to 18, 2013
  • 2 open house presentations:
    • Thursday, September 26
      Lakeview Heights Community Hall
    • Monday, September 30
      West Kelowna Holiday Inn
  • View the open house presentation (PDF)
Public Outreach Program

At the April 23, 2013 meeting, Council directed staff to undertake the Water Utility Master Plan Public Outreach Program. Terms of Reference for the process were presented to Council for consideration at the May 14, 2013 meeting.

The aim of the public consultation process was to educate the public on water quality, supply and distribution and associated costs and revenue requirements and to capture feedback to shape the final Water Utility Master Plan. The consultation plan included:

  • Appointment of a steering committee
  • Information packages
  • Presentations to special interest groups
  • Public open houses
  • Outreach feedback forms/surveys
  • Report to Council on outcomes
Process Prior to Public Input Phase

Council adopted a Water Conservation Plan (PDF) on January 22, 2013. The plan, and the strategies and targets contained within, were integrated into the Water Utility Master Plan.

Purpose and Objectives of the Water Master Plan

Development of a Water Utility Master Plan was a key objective in Council's Strategic Priorities. The plan established guiding principles for an integrated water utility structure to serve current and future needs.

The plan will provided a 20-year implementation strategy that supported:

  • 1 water system
  • 1 quality of water
  • 1 rate system
West Kelowna hired AECOM to work with staff to create the plan.

Scope of Work

The intent of the study work was to develop a comprehensive Water Utility Master Plan that guided the operation, maintenance, upgrading and expansion of several different water utilities under one operating authority - West Kelowna.

This plan established the infrastructure assets of each utility, assesed the condition of these assets and identified any deficiencies that affected the immediate and long-term functions of the assets. The data gathered through these processes established common maintenance/operating practices, future capital improvement recommendations, and strategic priorities related to water utility infrastructure planning.

More Information

For more information on the Water Utility Master Plan, contact the Engineering Department: