Stormwater Management Plan

Drainage Control
On November 13, 2012 Council adopted the Stormwater Best Management Practices (PDF). This manual provides guidance on installation and maintenance procedures for construction activities as well as for permanent site conditions.
Glen Canyon - G. Robinson for CWK
Implementation of best management practices is intended to prevent or reduce the discharge of pollutants to the municipality's storm systems and/or receiving waters.

The guide will be incorporated into a new Subdivision and Development Services Bylaw.

The Storm Water Management Plan
The City of West Kelowna has developed a Storm Water Management Plan, that assesses the current drainage network in the municipality and identifies opportunities for improvements within the system.

Council adopted the Storm Water Management (Drainage) Plan on October 25, 2011.

Volumes of the Stormwater Management Plan can be found on the right under Helpful Resources. Each volume of the Stormwater Management Plan is more than 130 Megabytes and the download process may take a few minutes.

Plan Logistics
The management of storm water is a key component in protecting quality of life, property and aquatic systems. The purpose of the Storm Water Management (Drainage) Plan is to provide a clear picture in applying land use management tools and Best Management Practices to protect property and aquatic habitat, while at the same time accommodating land development and population growth.

Consultants and staff have worked with Council, stakeholders and community members to address concerns, share ideas and map out recommendations for the effective management of storm water.

The City of West Kelowna hired RSB Engineering to assist in the development of the Storm Water Management Plan.