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Note: The September 17, 2016 City Hall Referendum resulted in a majority of the West Kelowna electorate voting "No" to borrowing up to $7.7 million for the construction of a new City Hall, part of the larger West Kelowna Civic Centre Project.

About the West Kelowna Civic Centre Project

The West Kelowna Civic Centre Project is a new multi-use development planned for Westbank Centre. The proposed development is the result of years of discussion, planning and public engagement about the community's desire for a centre of civic life.

If approved, it will include a new three-storey City Hall building, owned by the City of West Kelowna, a public square for community use, a commercial building and two residential buildings constructed and owned by the Strategic Development Group, a consortium of local investors.

The project will also include the renovation required to return the current temporary Municipal Hall at Mt. Boucherie to its intended use as a community centre for all residents’ use.

The City Hall includes above-ground parking and underground parking and is located near many existing amenities including the offices of other levels of government, the Westbank Library, the Westbank Transit Exchange and shopping opportunities.

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City Hall Referendum Question
of the Week

Are the city's "emergency reserves" depleted?

At the end of 2015, the City of West Kelowna had substantial reserves, including Development Cost Charge contributions from development, of just over $34 million... continue to the FAQ's page.
West Kelowna Civic Centre

About the Referendum

The City of West Kelowna needs to borrow money in order to be able to build the City Hall portion of the Civic Centre Project, much the same as you would if you wanted to build a house.

The City needs to ask you, the taxpayers, for your support for a bylaw that would allow us to borrow up to $7.7 million.

We will ask you to do so by voting in a referendum on September 17, 2016.

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